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Spies Traitors Saboteurs Exhibit


From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism, The Enemy Within: Terror in America—1776 to Today, provides unprecedented perspective into terror on American soil.  The exhibition uncovers the forgotten stories of domestic terrorists and foreign agents, militant radicals and saboteurs who have threatened America’s sense of security over the past 200 years.  It also explores the questions:  how do we identify who the enemy is?  And how do we keep the country safe without compromising the civil liberties upon which it was founded?

The exhibit reveals nine major events and periods in U.S. history when Americans were threatened by enemies within its borders:  depicting how the government and public responded, illustrating the corresponding evolution of U.S. counterintelligence and homeland security efforts, and examining the challenge of securing the nation without compromising the civil liberties upon which it was founded.

The following dramatic moments in U.S. history – all frightening, and destabilizing events – represent times when Americans have felt threatened within their own borders.  Each precipitated legislation and/or new counterintelligence measures and provoked debate about protecting both citizens and civil liberties:

Revolution:  City of Washington Captured and White House Torched – 1814

Sabotage:  Manhattan Hit by Massive Explosions in New York Harbor – 1916

Radicalism:  Anarchist Bombs Target American Leaders – 1919

Hate:  30,000 Ku Klux Klan Members Parade Down Pennsylvania Avenue – 1925

World War:  American Helps Japanese Pilot Terrorize Hawaiian Island After Pearl Harbor Attack – 1941

Subversion:  Kremlin Launches one of the first Cold War Attacks against the U.S. – 1945

Protest:  Radical Group Explodes Bomb in the U.S. Capitol – 1971

Extremism:  Massive Bomb Destroys the Federal Building in Oklahoma City – 1995

Terrorism:  Beyond September 11th – Terrorism Today

The stories are told in themed environments that evoke the spirit of the times and include artifacts, replicas, historic photographs and film footage, interactive displays, and video.

The exhibit includes:

  • Over 145 historic photographs and documents
  • 20 artifacts, never-before-on-view, including fragments of the planes that hit the World Trade Center, J. Edgar Hoover’s personal telephone, Ku Klux Klan robes and calling cards
  • 20 reproduction artifacts, including historic anthrax vials, pencil bombs, and artillery rounds
  • 75 props and two recreated extremist workrooms
  • Five videos featuring historic film footage and exclusive interviews, including Under Siege – a powerful film exploring today’s terrorist threat and response, featuring interviews with leading scholars
  • Nine computer interactive stations, developed in consultation with The Gallup Organization, that enable guests to express their opinions about the balance of civil liberties and national security
  • A timeline that traces over 170 events, including acts of terror and America’s reactions


  • Fragments of the Planes that hit the World Trade Center (c. 2001)
  • Ritual Klan Red Robe (c. 1965)
  • J. Edgar Hoover’s Personal Telephone (c. 1960)


EXHIBIT SIZE: 4,000 square feet

LENGTH OF VENUE: Approximately 3 months – Spring, Summer, Fall

TARGET AUDIENCE: 12 year-olds and up, families, schools

COST: Call for information

SUPPORT PROVIDED: Marketing, publicity, and educational materials, website

INSURANCE: Museum must provide a certificate of insurance for $5 million (general liability) and $2 million (property damage insurance).

SHIPPING COST: Venue pays for incoming shipping costs.

INSTALLATION/DEINSTALLATION: Two EE technicians will be provided to assist in set-up and take-down. Venue is responsible for providing 6 to 8 qualified individuals for the set-up and take-down.

DOOR AND CEILING SIZE: Exhibit requires a 7’ X 8 opening. 10’ ceiling required.

ENVIRONMENT: HVAC system required.

MANUALS: Installation manuals will be provided.

ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standard electrical supply, 110 VAC.

SECURITY LEVEL: (1) dedicated gallery attendant required.

Created by: The International Spy Museum, traveling exhibit organized by Evergreen Exhibitions.

Content Collaborators: Gallup Organization & History Associates Incorporated.

For more information contact:
Christi Klingelhefer at 210-599-0045