Museum Sponsorship Benefits

Why Partner?

MicrobesExhibits and events reach an audience with a credibility, a degree of acceptance and a level of direct consumer involvement unmatched in the world of sponsorship. The museum exhibits and events are unique in the educational value of their content and their entertainment value for families.

The research, editorial quality and educational value inherent in these shows attract the support of philanthropic organizations and the philanthropic arms of many Fortune 500 companies. At the same time, Evergreen Exhibitions is approached by the marketing and public relations arms of major corporations, purely on the basis of a shows’ audience quality and delivery.

More than 80 million people around the world have experienced Evergreen Exhibitions’ traveling museum exhibits. Corporations can reach large, qualified, captive audiences who appreciate their corporate support, while extending their own marketing through exhibit advertising and public relations which often deliver media values exceeding 15-20 times the sponsor’s investment. The proliferation of large-format film theaters at museums and science centers creates an additional dimension within which to educate and entertain audiences, while providing an additional or alternative means of extending the sponsor’s corporate brand with consumers.

Chicano exhibitBy sponsoring Evergreen Exhibitions events, corporations enjoy the close association with local museum and science center partners, while reaching even larger audiences.

Sponsorship delivers for sponsors at multiple levels: reaching large, qualified audiences as a marketing initiative, supporting local museums and science centers in bringing families better educational experiences, providing an exciting and valuable source of educational outreach for schools and educators, and creating goodwill for the corporations that support our families and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for museum exhibits or events, contact Mike Kempf (V.P. of National Marketing & Sponsorship Development), or call 210-599-0045.

Top line demographics of attendees to evergreen exhibitions.

“We’ve been involved with (Evergreen Exhibitions) on two major exhibits. We have found our involvement to be most beneficial both from philanthropic and marketing viewpoints. Both of these exhibits have proved to be immensely popular and have drawn excellent press coverage, and the attendance has been overwhelming.”
Ford motor company Leo J. Brennan, Jr.
Vice President and Executive Director
Ford Motor Company



“(Evergreen Exhibitions) has broken a lot of new ground (with) exhibits that have proven extremely popular with the public … We have been very happy with the response.”

TIME magazine Jack Haire
TIME Magazine

“No single investment has ever produced as much public and media response. One of the many pleasant experiences in (Evergreen Exhibitions’s) execution has been your ability to engage and fire up the local education community… The project has been essentially flawless…”

Silicon graphics, inc.

Joe DiNucci
Vice President of Marketing
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
For information, contact:
Mike Kempf
Email: Mike Kempf