Created by the Australian Museum and available for placement
through Evergreen Exhibitions

This is an exhibition about sharks but it is also an exhibition about us.

Having swum in the world’s oceans for more than 450 million years and survived five global mass extinctions, sharks are now under threat. Global warming, industrial fishing, and pollution are damaging our oceans. Our attitudes and our actions will decide the fate of these ancient survivors.


  • Breathtaking shark models
  • Immersive cylindrical surround theater where visitors can learn about a range of sharks
  • Wide range of interactive experiences
  • Cutting-edge audiovisual and media presentations
  • Artifacts and tactile displays, including touchable models and casts
  • Diverse, First Nation stories and culture from around the world
  • Exploration of climate change and its effects on sharks and shark habitats
  • Inclusive and suitable for all ages – great for families and featuring topics relevant to school curricula
  • Created by the world-renowned Australian Museum

U.S. Debut
Frost Science, Miami, Florida

Upcoming Venues
The Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas
Mulva Cultural Center, De Pere, Wisconsin
Grand Rapids Public Museum, Michigan

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Exhibit Details:

  • Exhibit size: 9,000 – 11,000 square feet
  • Target audience: families, students
  • Available Spring, Summer, Fall

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International Sales
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