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Master of the Night Exhibit

Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats


This exhibit is based on the highly successful 2,500 square foot version of Masters of the Night, which has been stunning audiences throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Evergreen Exhibitions created the smaller exhibit in response to the overwhelming demand from smaller markets wishing to bring this popular exhibit to their communities.


Blood-sucking, blind, squeaky creatures that get tangled in your hair… who wants to see an exhibit about BATS?! Visitors of Master of the Night: The True Story of Bats soon find these beliefs to be myths that have held fast throughout the years. The exhibit explains that bats are actually gentle, beneficial little animals. Did you know that many fruit bearing trees in the constantly threatened rainforest depend on bats? In order to reproduce, these trees bear fruit that need seed dispersal are ingested, often by bats. The bats, in turn spread waste materials containing seeds that as dispensed, regenerate the rainforest.

With lifelike models and interactives, the ecological importance of bats is revealed, and visitors can better understand and truly appreciate the wonders of the bat world.


How about trying on a pair of bat ears allowing one to experience the sensitivity of bat hearing? Or if food is more appealing, try to match the bats with their favorite foods and look for bats masked in a variety of habitats. Other interactives help visitors learn echo-location, find where bats are located worldwide, and discover how mother bats easily find their babies.


Gothic Castle Entry
Myths and Misconceptions – Illustrations by world famous cartoonist Jack Davis
Video – What Are Bats Are Really Like?
World Distribution map interactive
Where Bats Live diorama
Life-size Bat Models
Touchable Bronze Bat Head Sculptures – Human head size
Bat Photos by Dr. Merlin Tuttle
Bat Nursery interactive
Echo, Echo interactive
I’m All Ears interactive
Bat Impressions interactive
Importance of Bats interactive
One Night’s Meal interactive
Feast In Flight interactive
Bat Conservation

EXHIBIT SIZE: 2,500 square feet

LENGTH OF VENUE: Approximately four months – Spring, Summer, Fall

ENDORSEMENTS: Dr. Merlin Tuttle – Bat Conservation International

TARGET AUDIENCE: 4-12 year-olds and up, families, schools

DESIGNER: Evergreen Exhibitions, with assistance from Bill Booth, Carrie Hageman, Jan Crocker and Judi Ryan. Labels written by Judy Rand of Rand & Associates.

INSURANCE: Museum must provide a certificate of insurance for $5 million (general liability) and $1 million (property damage insurance).

SHIPPING COST: Museum pays for incoming shipping costs.

INSTALLATION/DEINSTALLATION: An Evergreen technician will be provided to assist in set-up & take-down. Evergreen requires 4 qualified individuals at the venue to help with set-up and take-down.

DOOR AND CEILING SIZE: Exhibit requires a 4’ X 8’ opening. 9’-10’ ceiling required.


ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: Standard electrical supply.

SECURITY LEVEL: Gallery attendants required.

For more information contact:
Christi Klingelhefer at 210-599-0045