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Inside Africa explores the many facets of Africa-its peoples, its lands, its rich cultural history and its stories-and provides a bridge to contemporary American life.

The 6,000-square-foot exhibit offers a deeper understanding of the world’s second largest continent and its peoples from historical and contemporary perspectives. Through many hands-on activities, multimedia presentations and an exceptional collection of African artifacts, the exhibit demonstrates the enormous diversity of African geography, societies and political systems.

Based on the success of Evergreen Exhibition’s (formerly BBH) tour of “AFRICA: One Continent. Many Worlds.” this new exhibit literally takes museum-goers into the African experience, allowing them to discover firsthand the vitality, richness and significance of African peoples and communities in the context of a journey to selected sites on the African continent. Exhibit sections include “Family & Festivals,” “Science Safari,” “Commerce,” “Caravan,” and “The Diaspora and Slavery.”

The exhibit also provides a section on the concept of “Freedom” in its many forms, from many voices.

The exhibit was developed around a permanent display at The Field Museum with contributions by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The Freedom Center represents one of the most ambitious collaborations to ever to explore the subject; this national center opened in 2004.


Recreated environments, artifacts, decorative arts, video and multi-media theatre presentation, robotic animals, murals, etc.

The Field Museum, with consultation by Deborah L. Mack, Ph.D. Special contribution on “Freedom” from National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Exhibit Size:
6,000 square feet

Target Audience:
7-year-olds and up, families, schools

Length of Venue:
Approximately three months
Spring, Summer, Fall

Support Provided:
Teachers Activity Guide
Press Materials
Optional large set pieces (giraffe, etc.) available for use as teasers

For more information contact:
Christi Klingelhefer at 210-599-0045