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Chicano Exhibit

Chicano Now: American Expressions

Actor/entertainer and prolific art collector Cheech Marin plans to weave tradition, history, music, art, religion, food, fashion and, of course, humor into a cultural reflection of the lives and rich contributions of American-born people of Mexican descent.

Several pieces of art have been commissioned for this show, allowing visitors to experience these topics through the artists’ eyes and hearts. Marin’s contention is that few cultures have contributed more to the American scene, yet rarely is the Chicano impact of society recognized, even by Mexican-Americans themselves.


Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge
Actor/entertainer and prolific art collector Cheech Marin has assembled an extensive collection of Chicano artwork. This show includes many works of art from Marin’s personal collection, including works by Patssi Valdez, John Valadez, Wayne Healy and Gronk, founding members of the Los Angeles Chicano Art School.

Rene Yanez

Exhibit Size:
Approximately 90 works of art

Length of Venue:
Approximately three months Available Spring,
Summer, Fall

Cost of Venue:

National Sponsors:

Educational Materials:
Teacher guides provided.

Museum must provide Evergreen Exhibitions with a certificate of insurance for $10 million (general liability) and $5 million (property damage insurance).

Shipping Cost:
Venue pays incoming shipping expenses.

A Evergreen Exhibitions registrar will be provided to supervise the set-up and take-down.

Temperature Control:
60-70 degrees


Electrical Requirements:
Standard electrical supply.

Security Level:
High. Required for all phases of unloading, unpacking, installation, display, de-installation, re-packing and loading. Gallery attendants required.

For more information contact:
Christi Klingelhefer at 210-599-0045