MathAlive! Middle East

The record-breaking and extremely popular exhibition, MathAlive!, has now also been produced exclusively for touring in countries across the Middle East region. This exhibition has been customized for the Middle East market and contains exciting and educational content relating to mathematics at work around the world and in our everyday lives.

About MathAlive!

Visitors will ride snowboards in a step-on experience, capture their 360 degree image in a freeze-motion video, try their hand at master engineering a model city, design a supertall skyscraper, and even design a skateboard to give it more ‘POP.’ Plus, two new interactive experiences have just been launched… In “Extreme Weather Alert,” visitors can analyze weather data, and record their own weather telecast, which they can send to themselves. “Cyber Security” lets visitors step inside an online computer game, where they are challenged to defend against invaders—like computer bugs and viruses—using computer passcodes, multi-factor authentication, and simple code sequences.

Through dozens of unique, interactive experiences, the exhibit takes math from its native form into the applied worlds of design, engineering, technology and science.

At A Glance

  • 5,000 square feet (500 square meter) visually stunning exhibition
  • Target audience: Families, students grades K-12 (focus on grades 3-8, ages 7-14)
  • Comprehensive package of marketing, PR, education and event resources
  • Premiered at Smithsonian Institution, where it achieved the highest average daily attendance of any exhibit at the International Gallery in its illustrious 25-year history
  • New interactive football (soccer) experience added

Produced for Middle East Audiences

Far beyond localization of language, this exhibition…

  • Includes historical achievements by noted figures from the region…
  • Allows visitors to explore math at work today in innovative applications in the region–as well as hearing from those shaping the future…
  • Provides interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience math within the cultural backdrop of Arab-centric imagery, landmarks, customs, culture and language.


  • Highlights Middle Eastern traditions and accomplishments, spotlighting a range of milestone historical links to the evolution of math.
  • Graphics reflect images of Arab children, Arabic-centric images and Middle Eastern patterns.
  • Features authorities from a range of fields in and from countries across the Middle East.
  • Presented in dual language, with text and graphics displayed in Arabic and English.

Examples of Historical Mathematical Contributions from the Middle East

Famous historical Arab and Muslim mathematicians and scholars are featured, demonstrating how their work and theories are still relevant today.

Modern Day Mathematics Contributions and Use by Personalities from the Middle East and North Africa

A selection of modern day personalities with roots in the Middle East and Muslim majority countries are profiled–some offering first-hand insights–about how they use math in their respective fields.

Localized Interactive Experiences

  • Musical Instrument…

Features a range of instruments as it explores the connection between math and music. It has been customized to include instruments played in Middle Eastern culture.

  • Build Your World…

Visitors design a skyscraper, as they explore buildings, bridges and other civil engineering wonders found throughout the Middle East and the wider world.

Localization – Beyond the Exhibit

To further enrich the outreach effort and to engage the public most effectively, communications materials has been tailored to the preferences and needs of schools, media, and the public at large. Language-customized materials, media (in Arabic or Arabic/English), and regionalized visuals include:

  • Educational Materials
  • Marketing and Communications Materials
  • Tour Website
  • Press Editorial
  • Press Photography
  • Social Media

Beyond Arabic

The exhibition is further customizable to serve audiences with other language preferences as well and can be refined to best serve and meet the needs of all communities in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

The exhibition debuted globally at Smithsonian Institution.

The touring exhibition is underwritten by Raytheon.

Thematic Areas

  • Outdoor Action… Adventure Sports
  • Build Your World… Environment
  • Future Style… Style and Design
  • Kickin’ It… Entertainment
  • Game Plan… Video Games and Other Games
  • Robotics and Space

Exhibit links
Download Floor Plan

Exhibit Details

  • Exhibit size: 5,000 square feet (500 square meters)
  • Target Audience: families, students grades K-12 (with focus on grades 3-8, ages 7-14)

Upcoming Venues
MathAlive will return to the Middle East soon.

Past Venues
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Abu Dhabi Science Festival
Sharjah, UAE, Sharjah Science Museum
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, HCT RAK Women’s College
Al-Khobar (Dammam), Saudi Arabia, SciTech
Kuwait City, Kuwait, The Scientific Center
Doha, Qatar, Qatar University
Doha, Qatar, Scientific Club
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Fakieh Planetarium
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, King Saud University
Al-Khobar (Dammam), Saudi Arabia, SciTech
Muscat, Oman, Children’s Museum
Dubai, UAE, Children’s City
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Umm Al Emarat Park
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, HCT RAK Women’s College