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Tongue Gun
A boy aims the head of a robot chameleon as he prepares to trigger the “Tongue Gun.” Sharpshooters can fire the robot’s rod-like tongue at several targets, demonstrating how a real chameleon shoots out its long, sticky-tipped tongue to reel in a meal.
Keep an Eye on You

“Keep an Eye on You” shows young museum-goers like these three boys how a real chameleon’s eyes work independently. Visitors can maneuver duel cameras on a robot chameleon’s head and view the separate images on two color monitors.

Robot Platypus with Students

Three teen-age girls and their teacher observe a 6-foot-long robot platypus. Visitors can animate the head, tail and front flippers of the robot mammal.

Robot Platypus

A 6-foot robot platypus showcases its unusual features, including a sensory snout simulating a duckbill the real mammal uses to locate prey in murky waters.

Robot House Fly with Father and Son

A father and son view the inner workings of a 5-foot robot house fly.


Robot House Fly

Animation in the wings of a 5-foot robot fly shows off the robot insect’s 6-foot wingspan.

Robot Chameleon with Mother and Child

Varying hues on backlit panels along a robot chameleon’s back demonstrate the real reptile’s color-changing ability for a mother and her two kids.

Robot Chameleon

A 6-foot robot chameleon shoots out its spring-loaded tongue to snag its next meal.

Robot Body Shop

Hinges, pumps and springs in “Robot Body Shop” show three brothers the mechanics of similar parts in the exhibit’s robot animals.

Mister Platypus

A mother and two youngsters create a whimsical creature in “Mister Platypus” by adding animal parts such as a monkey’s leg and a dog’s snout to the model of a platypus’s body.